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  11-12 05:56   Laughlin Rally - Photo Blog - Sunday

  11-11 00:09   Laughlin Rally - Photo Blog - Saturday

  11-09 06:20   Laughlin Rally - Photo Blog - Thursday

Laughlin Rally - Photo Blog - Sunday
Nov-12 2007 / 05:56 EST | posted by GDorman

Rally finish, more drifting, some fun on the water and awards ceremony.

Some work done by George Plsek. Another unlucky competitor of this event.

We were able to see the bikes on the Super Stage. We really have to have guts to ride those roads on the bike. Congrats to all four of them. Good job!

Some more drifting. We noticed that the event had more spectators, more sponsors and nice cash prizes. I wonder what out champioship board is doing to get stuff like that for us...

Bergen Woodworks Rally Team and Quattrohouse supported team of Hampton Bridwell got toghether for some jet sking. We ripped up the Colorado River couple of times. So much fun. I won the race from Davis dam to the Laughlin - Bullhead City bridge!

Too bad we did not have a camera on the water with us. It would be awesome to get a shot of Hampton Bridwell flying off the jet ski right into Colorado river.

Hilapai nation joined us for the awards party at the Aquarius Casino. It was awesome to use their roads for the event.

Josh "Jesus" Wimpey and Jeremy "Worm" Wimpey receiving rookie of the year award.

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